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Our Ministries

Our ministries are designed to serve you, our friends. Join us and let us show you how we can lead you to a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Committed to Relationships

At United Wesleyan we only have one thing to offer… a relationship… a relationship with God and a relationship with others in our church. We have discovered that “doing life” is hard and we encounter a lot of unexpected bumps and twists in the road. Without a significant support system, that road can take us far from our intended course. So UWC is committed to building the kind of trusted relationships that help us navigate life. The bottom line is, no matter where you’re coming from, we hope to get to know you better and help you begin forming those relationships so essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Sunday Celebration 9:15 and 10:45 AM 

Our Sunday services are designed to help people become devoted followers of Christ. They are intentionally designed to connect with people where we really live, but also to connect people to God as a way of doing life. We recognize that what God wants most is a living sacrifice, not praise songs, or provocative dramas, or PowerPoint sermons. Although we use all of these in our style of church, we hope that more than anything else people will experience God when they celebrate life at one of our Sunday events.

 Sunday Night Connect & Grow Groups@ 6:30 PM

Wednesday Night "Real Life" - 7 - 8 PM 

We all know that what really matters in life exists "below the water line".  It doesn't matter how impressive your sail boat looks, if you are taking on water you are navigating a sinking ship.  Wednesday night gets beneath the surface- under the water line, and helps us answer the real questions of life: Does my life matter?  What is my primary life assignment?  Where do I find a place to plug in and make my life count?  What kind of hope do I have for making a contribution to my world?  These questions will be answered in the context of a Bible Study setting.

Nursery & Toddlers

Nursery & Toddlers (Birth through 24 months and 2 - 4 years) Sundays at 10:45 AM and Wednesday at 7 PM. 

The nursery is more than a place to “plunk” your child during adult services. Christ’s love is demonstrated by providing a safe, clean and fun environment in which children can play and sing. We work at making sure the time they spend away from you is pleasurable and peaceful. The nursery is open during Sunday morning worship, and during Wednesday night services.

Kids Connect 

(Children age 5 - 5th Grade) Sundays at 10:45 AM and Wednesday at 7 PM.  There is Kids Connect on Sunday evenings for children whose parents attend a small group.

The Children's ministry at United is a program developed for children to connect with God and other children. During our worship times for the children, we focus on celebrating Jesus as we learn about God's Word. We also learn how to use God's Word as our guide for everyday life by teaching age appropriate lessons. We currently have services on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening and special events. We would love to have you come and join our fun! For information, please visit the church or send e-mail to: Pastor Michelle Bryant (michbry@bellsouth.net)

Pulse Student Ministries (Grade 6 – 12)

Our students gather Wednesday nights (7 PM) and Sunday nights at 6:30 PM in the Family Life Center. They enjoy instructional games, interactive lessons and times to mingle. Spiritual development is a priority around here on Sunday nights.

Hispanic Ministries

Nuevo Pacto es célula Hispana de la United Wesleyan Church.  El culto de adoración  y predicación en Español es el domingo a las 2 pm.  Los jovenes y los niños tienen actividades en Ingles los miércoles a las 7 pm.  Los miércoles, a la misma hora, las 7pm, hay tiempo de oración y estudio Biblico en Español para quienes les cuesta el Inglés.

Todos los cristianos bautizados Biblicamente tienen un invitación en el amor cristiano de hacerse miembros de la United Wesleyan.  Aquí los jóvenes encuentran amigos que respetan a Dios y la vida cristiana.

Pastor: O. José Link (864-787-3101)

Su familia necesita el amor del Señor Jesucristo.  Permítanos servirles.


The New Covenant Church  is a Hispanic cell-group of United Wesleyan Church.  United extends open arms to the Hispanic family whether they speak English, Spanish, or both. 

The Spanish worship service is at 2PM on Sundays. The youth and children’s activities in English meet on Wednesdays at 7PM.  At that same time, 7PM, there is prayer and Bible Study in Spanish.

Christians who have been baptized Biblically have a standing invitation to become members at United.  Your family needs the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us share with you.

Rev. Orvan J. Link (864-787-3101)

Good News Club

(meets Tuesday afternoons at a local public school -- not open to all)

In cooperation with our neighbor church, Arial Baptist, volunteers from the two churches work with children, teaching them songs, Bible stories, and presenting the gospel. Children attend with permission of their parents. This is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship, an international organization.


Service Times & Directions

Weekend Services  

Sunday Morning @ United Wesleyan 9 AM

Sunday Morning @ Lifeline Worship Center 10:30 AM

Sunday Morning Nuevo Pacto (Hispanic Worship): 10:30 AM

Sunday Night Connect & Grow Groups:  Please contact office for current list

Weekday Services

Tuesday 10 AM Ladies Prayer Meeting

Tuesday 4 PM Child Evangelism (McKissick Elem School)

Wednesday Evening (REAL LIFE Bible Study)---Kids Connect-Impact Youth-United Life Young Adults (7 PM)